Our Story, Our Purpose and Our Mission

The story of this company began when we were both going through some pretty major life events that left us feeling utterly empty, alone and quite frankly - exhausted. Then there was this moment that we realized how much we had grown through that destruction that we thought for sure we would never survive, and how much we would have appreciated a company that provided the insights and support to get through the journey of self-exploration, self-love and self-care. It was only through those things that we came out the other side better, stronger versions of the women we already were; we just didn’t see it then.

Our story began over 10 years ago when I started working at a company Shannon and her husband owned. Over the years, what most would consider to be the most unlikely friendship, has turned out to be one for the ages. We have so much support, unconditional love, the ability to see in each other what we can’t see in ourselves, patience and fierce loyalty to one another. It is through this in which we have built something, possibly even more amazing than the friendship itself; Soul Milk. Through this company, we can share all of those things with you.

It is our goal, intense passion (and also, maybe a slight obsession) to change the way the world views women and most importantly, how women view themselves.

We know how challenging it is to face normal everyday life as a female, never mind the curve-balls that are sometimes thrown at you. We know how defeated, exhausted, lonely, inferior and just way to damn guilty women feel day in and day out. Through all of that, we are still somehow able to continuously pour from an empty glass to others around us, leaving ourselves on the back-burner for “tomorrow”. It is time to change ALL of that nonsense.

Your happiness is a priority – self-care is a necessity.

How many times in a day do you care for other people; making sure everyone around you is happy, healthy and thriving?

How many times in a day, a week or even in a year do you care for yourself?

Our guess is, next to zero for most of you.

Why is self-care even important? If you are anything like us, you feel guilty and selfish for taking time to care for your soul. It is absolutely not selfish and in fact, it should be your number one priority. How can you pour from an empty glass? How can you give the best of yourself to others when you don’t demand it for yourself first?

So, are you ready to fall in love? Are you ready for YOU? Are you ready to go on a journey with us and start seeing yourself the way we see you? Beautiful, strong, confident, courageous, brave, talented, refreshed and ready to fill up your cup?

We are so dang excited to go on this journey with you!

Shannon and April