How We Choose Our Partners

A lot of work goes into curating these amazing boxes for you each month!  

It is important to us to choose companies that are like-minded and have similar visions in what they do, what their purpose is and their "why".  For that reason, you will not see "big box" items or mass produced items in your subscription.  The companies we have found and work with, are smaller women/family owned companies that pride themselves on creating the most luxurious, handmade and eco friendly products you can find.  It is our focus to highlight these amazing companies and bring a little bit of amazing to your doorstep each month.  Keep checking our blog because we will be featuring these businesses often - delivering their stories, product information and sharing with you how you can get your hands on them when you run out! 

Stay tuned, you won't be disappointed!

XOXO ~ Soul Milk Team