Free your soul

Thoughtfully Chosen

With your soul in mind, we thoughtfully choose the highest quality products we can find each month to include in your limited edition Soul Milk experience. 

A box with a purpose

Giving Back, one box at a time

When you subscribe to Soul Milk, we are able to change the lives of women and girls in the US and overseas.  With each subscription, we donate a feminine essentials kit to those with little or no access.  As a subscriber, you too can choose to donate your essentials kit if you are not in need.  With your help, we can positively impact the world and help end period poverty.

We Care

Natural Products, Low Impact

While we want to help nurture your soul every month, we want to do it in a way that will not be wasteful or harmful to nature.  We include products from like-minded companies that are hand-made, all natural, organic, chemical free and are packaged with care for our environment.